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Curated by Melaine Ferdinand-King

Poiesis - Poí.ē.sis


Poiesis is an invitation to commemorate the world around us, treasure the transient, and see the potential for beauty and creativity in even the most mundane spaces. By highlighting the works of artists and creatives from the Providence metropolitan area, the exhibition encourages visitors to reflect on their own relationship to the local art scene and consider how art can help us honor and remember the past in new and meaningful ways.

Melaine Ferdinand-King

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About the Curator


Melaine Ferdinand-King is a Providence, RI-based scholar, curator and multi-form creative practitioner. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Spelman College and is a Ph.D. candidate in Africana Studies at Brown University. Drawing from her heritage, Melaine’s practice is informed by African-American thought and practice with a special focus on visual, musical, and literary cultures. Through her work as a project manager and archivist, she hosts workshops and engages in discussions on issues of race, history, aesthetics and ethics. In the past year, Melaine co-curated the inaugural Black Biennial at RISD Museum, Gelman Gallery in Providence, RI, and Black Sonic: Heritage as Heresy at FADA Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa. Her curatorial projects and intellectual pursuits emphasize the importance of community and critique in our daily lives. 

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Photo credit: Kris Craig

Meet The Artists

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