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Mission + Purpose


The mission of the Providence Biennial is to generate curated exhibitions of contemporary art in Rhode Island that expose individuals and communities to transformative experiences, provoking new ways of seeing, thinking and engaging with others. As an effort to strengthen curatorial practices, experienced board members mentor emerging curators and artists in realizing ambitious, creatively conceived, frequently social and environmental justice themed exhibitions, installations or interventions.


The core program proceeds from understanding art’s capacity to disrupt and transform conventions of perception and experience. Through close mentoring opportunities are developed for the realization of distinctive and provocative curated projects. The guided collaboration identifies a network of resources to help curators initiate creative and strategic partnerships, while aligning with the context of varied host venues—whether institutional, nascent, or alternative spaces.

"Here is where we could insert a quote from one of our curators ... with more engaging and thought-provoking conversation to be expected."  -name goes here

Fall, 2021 Podcast: EXPAND - IGNITE - INVITE

What Does a More Inclusive Art World Look Like?


Trending Globally partnered with the Providence Biennial to explore this question.


Listen the complete podcast here.

This conversation was sponsored by PVDFest Ideas 2021, an Arts and Ideas festival in Providence, RI. 


Judith Tolnick Champa, founder, Providence Biennial  |  Spencer Evans, board member, Providence Biennial  |  Jonny Skye, board member, Providence Biennial  |  Melaine Ferdinand King, doctoral candidate in Africana Studies, Brown University

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